Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Academy in Nigeria is quite complex. Authors in particular makes it very difficult to learn. They cant explain new concepts  on easy to understand terms. They often assume that the reader has some knowledge about the subject matter.  Based on this they use complex or rather strange terms which at best end up confusing instead of convincing the reader.

Sometime ago, I was preparing for an external examination, that is, Petroleum Training Institute(PTI). Having gone through their past questions I discovered I needed to learn some further mathematics. I grabbed a textbook from the bookshop, paid for it and left excitedly. When I got home, I did not hesitate to start studying it. The topic I started with was calculus. For a long time it has been my desire to know this topic. I was happy to hold a book containing it.

 However, discouragement started to creep in. For the first twenty minutes I was totally confused, unable to understand any of the terms in the book. The more I tried, the more complex it seems to be. Another day, I also made attempt to comprehend it but got the same result. That was how I dropped the good-for-nothing textbook. 

On the other hand, when a friend gave me a foreign textbook( Engineering Mathematics), I was simply amazed about the simplicity of the textbook. It made learning fun. I totally enjoyed it. Wow! What a huge difference with our own local books.

What advice do you have for Nigerian authors?

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