Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Teachers are blessings to the society. Every individual in all walks of life owe their success to teachers who lay the foundation for them. Painfully, while others celebrate their success, teachers are having a hard time making both ends meet. A lot of them do not feel the joy and fulfillment associated with their calling. Most of them are plagued with austerity  and living from hand to mouth. This situation drain away the feeling of satisfaction and sense of achievement.

Many teachers are only the on the job simply because there are no other job option open to them. To worsen the matter, school owners or proprietors have cashed in on the situation. They employ graduate teachers and give them a token at the end of the month. They labour and toil for the school for almost seven hours everyday. When they get home, they feel utterly weak and exhausted owing to the days work. For this reason, they do not joyfully look forward to the next working day.

Some school proprietors do not pay their salary on time. As a result, affected teachers barely survives each day, and often gets into debt. Teachers who face this situation hardly give their best. Hence, they teach merely out of duty. Should you expect them to make sacrifices when they are least appreciated? Off course not.

1.       What factors contribute to teachers happiness and fulfillment?
2.       What should school owners do to change the situation?

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