Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Nigerian school system needs to be thoroughly reviewed. Over the years it progressively changed from good standard to a terribly poor system. Following are the reasons why our education system has collapsed:

1.       Increasing rate of examination malpractice: this is perhaps the worst situation in the country. From an early stage children learn how to cheat during examination. Children writing primary school leaving certificate examination are often assisted with the answers. This is negative programming. They carry this habit through to secondary school and the university.
2.       Too much emphasis on paper qualification: it is quite funny to observe that we glorify certificates and despise those without it. As a result, students cut corners just to have it at all cost.
3.       Overwhelming learning programme: private schools in particular are known to overwhelm pupils and students with too much academic work. Besides, they close late from school and arrive home late, weak and exhausted. Hence, they have little or no time to study their books.
4.       Our curriculum lags behind time. Unless our curriculum is regularly updated we will always have a mismatch between it and reality. Application of what is taught in school in real life is difficult.
5.       Change of learning behavior in the classroom. The advent of so many technological gadgets have uttered students learning pattern. Our curriculum needs to key into the technology drive.
1.       Any hope for our education in Nigeria?
2.       What is the permanent cure to exam malpractice?

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