Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Teaching kids at school is not an easy task. The teacher needs a lot of training in this regard to be able to pass knowledge effectively to the young minds. It is important to understand children behavior and psychology. A lot of hardwork and patience are also required to achieve a  better result. Sometimes the teacher is faced with the challenge of explaining certain concepts in a manner that is easy to understand.

At one time, I was having this challenge. I was teaching a six year old pupil mathematics. The topic was ‘arranging numbers according to their size starting with the biggest’. The pupil didn’t know the meaning of the terms ‘arrange’ and ‘biggest’. Explained the two terms the best way I could. Yet, he didn’t understand. Then I paused and thought long how to explain it using familiar terms. Suddenly I realized I could use a simple illustration he was familiar with. 

I used three oranges: a whole orange, half cut orange and one quarter orange. I placed them on the table for him to see. I asked him to pick out the biggest. He quickly picked the whole orange. Again I asked him to choose the smallest; likewise it was easy for him. Then I further asked him to arrange all the oranges from the biggest to the smallest. He did the right thing. Indeed, he understood the topic.

Do you think the use of illustration is an effective teaching tool?

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