Tuesday, 4 November 2014


If you don’t have the skill, teaching could be a difficult task especially if your pupil or student is a kid that performs very poorly at school. Sometime ago, a parent sought for my services. I was to brush up his three kids. All the kids had their peculiar challenges. 

There was a twin of boy and girl both in primary one. While the other kid was in primary two. The twins had serious academic problems: they could not write numbers 1 to 10 correctly, they could not write the alphabets. To worsen the situation, they could not read two-letter words.

This was a big problem for me as their teacher. For weeks I was frustrated. They only made minimal progress. Also, they had very low retentive memory. Sometimes I went home with headache. After many months of coaching, they soon started to make observable progress. At last my patience started to pay off.

1.       What are the challenges the teacher faces?
How do you help students with poor retentive memory?

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