Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I have taken my time to dig into this matter. A lot of kids from poor homes are facing real challenges in terms of learning. In the first place, parents in this group take their children to small and fledgling schools-schools that lack standard facilities for learning. Because of been of little means, such parents are unable to buy textbooks for their children. Their priority is to pay school fees only.

The school deliberately refuse to emphasize the purchase of such items for fear of losing their students. For this reason, kids do not have enough material to work with while at home. They often play away their valuable time. In the end, the kids performs poorly.
Furthermore, kids from poor homes, sometimes if not always, suffer from malnutrition. A child that is not well fed faces challenges learning an d retaining information. Since they are at a developmental stage, any shortage in the right nutrition goes a long way to affect their proper mental functioning. I observed that kids in this category have problem recalling information as against their counterpart from rich homes.

Another factor contributing to their challenge is that poor homes lack modern gadgets which in one way or the other enhances learning. On the other hand, kids from rich homes watch educative programmes or even have toys that involve some kind of learning.

1.       What accounts for the different learning abilities of children from different backgrounds?
2.       Suggest how parents can handle the problems pointed out above

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