Tuesday, 14 July 2015


These days a lot of children are having a hard time getting along in the classroom. Who should be blamed for this situation? Very easily, parents are quick to point accusing fingers at the school more especially the teachers. For this reason, some parents withdraw their children. They keep changing schools. In fact, parents hardly see themselves as partly responsible for their children’s poor performance.
Here is the truth: some parents do not show any interest in their children’s school work.  This gives the children unlimited play time. 

They watch different TV Channels without restriction. Hence, school work is given little or no time at all. This habit is repeated throughout the term.

In the end, parents get angry at their poor performance. Parents need to know that monitoring their child’s activity should not pose a big challenge. All that needs to be done is to establish rules in the house. This involves setting restriction for certain activities such as no watching of television unless all homework is done. This rule should be enforced consistently. This way children come to know them properly and stick to it.

1.       How do parents contribute to children’s poor performance?
2.       Is it right for parents to monitor the activities of their children?
3.       What kind of rules should parents set for their children?

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