Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Teaching is an art. Not everyone is cut out in this area. Been able to impart knowledge in the way and manner that generate desirable response from students is an amazing skill. However, in spite of some teachers best effort students feel less satisfied with their  teaching. The following are prominent complaints students have against teachers:
1.       The teacher is too harsh: a lot of students mistake a teacher’s discipline and insistence on good moral behavior to harshness. They hate teachers that flog or melts out punishment on students. A word of advice for the teacher: if at all you have to instill discipline, do so with love. Avoid projecting an image of harshness. In fact, draw close to your students.
2.       The class is boring: some students dislike teachers whose class is not very motivating or rather dry. Also, when the teacher’s voice is low or inaudible, students tend to strain their ears to listen. This way discouragement soon makes them to tune out from the teaching, before long they are overtaken by sleep.
3.       The teacher is inconsistent: some students do not understand their teacher. When they are punished, they feel the teacher hates them. When they perform poorly in test, they blame the teacher.

1.       How do you bridge the gap between the teacher and the students?

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