Tuesday, 14 July 2015


It is quite alarming how students keep performing very poorly at examinations. The situation has remained virtually the same from year to year. Identifying the major cause is a positive step in the right direction. The following are the prominent reasons:
1.       Poor study habits: it is sad to observe that most students basically lack reading culture. Instead they spend their valuable time on valueless activities. Some watch season films  and movies late into the night. These individuals make last minute preparation for their examination.
2.       Anticipated involvement in examination malpractice. A lot of students who are aware of the usual assistance during examination often do not see any reason to prepare or study. This is the trend in most schools. As a result, they are relaxed and easy-going.
3.       Poor spelling skills:  Because of the prevalent social media platforms many students stick to the use of unconventional spelling and language. Consider these examples: night is replaced with nite, your is replaced with ur, today is replaced with 2day, etc. This behavior creep in during examination. Unfortunately this is not tolerated especially in English language  where adhering to the highest linguistic standard is of great importance.

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