Friday, 28 August 2015


Teaching effectively is not an easy task. Motivating and leading students at the same time requires some skills.
1.       Your focus is on them and not you: the best instructors see themselves as guides. They share what they know, but understand that they are not the focus. Their students are.
2.       Know your students well: Apart from knowing your material, you need to know the people you are teaching- their talents, prior experience and needs. This way you can better impart knowledge.
3.       Students take risks when teachers create a safe environment: the job of the teacher is to make the students as comfortable as possible. In fact, students need to know that they can trust the instructor. A very important rule is: No sarcasm in the classroom. It creates the fear that you are going to make them  look bad.
4.       Great teachers exude passion: when you so love your job and you enjoy it thoroughly, you are better able to influence your students. Passion is contagious, it motivates you to give the best.
5.       Make it easy for your students: one of the chief attributes of a great teacher is the ability to break down complex ideas and make them understandable.
6.       Teach from the heart: let ideas flow out from you naturally. Be yourself. By so doing, you connect with your students easily. They see you not only as a teacher but also a good friend willing to help.
7.       Repeat the important points: repetition is the mother of retention. In fact, the first time you say something, its heard, the second time, it’s recognized, and the third time it’s learned.
8.       Good teachers ask good questions: when you ask effective questions, you reach the heart of your students. You know whether they are paying attention or not. Also, effective questions help you determine how well they understand the material.

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