Thursday, 27 August 2015


Mr. Osaigbovo is a welder, he has three lovely kids. He knows the art of good parenting. He has the goal of ensuring his kids top their class. Therefore, everyday he personally teaches his kids. Whenever they return from school, he checks their notebook and thus reviews the material with them. In fact, he utilizes every opportunity to brush up his children. The children, too, became familiar with the routine. To aid their learning, the parent often buys audio and video materials for the children to listen to or watch. This is one of the easiest ways to facilitate learning especially as children love watching interesting programmes. With this the children, including the youngest(below two years), are able to learn so much. To them, learning is fun. The children became very bright and brilliant that the school proprietor was moved to acknowledge this.

On the other hand, Mr. Okoro is a father of two children. The first is three years old while the last is one year. Coincidentally, Mr. Okoro happens to be a welder too. He never attached any importance to grooming his kids from infancy. As a new session was about to begin in September, he took his child to a private school to register him. The Proprietor carried out a quick assessment of the child to know the class he would fit in. Surprisingly, the child performed poorly. For this reason, the proprietor concluded that the kid would be in Pre-KG instead of KG(Kindergarten) 1. The parents were angry and wanted to withdraw their child from that school. But I waded into the matter and advised the father to comply.
Does training your child from infancy have any significant impact on them? We value your comments.

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