Thursday, 27 August 2015


Setting up a school is simpler than running it successfully. Many private schools spring up easily but only a few manage to thrive well. In fact, there is a hidden secret to success in this venture but no successful proprietor is ready to blab about it. But I give you this information free of charge.

1.       The location of your school matters: when you situate your school in a strategic location, you increase your chances of getting more patronage. Nevertheless, location may not really matter if your school is already well established with a record breaking credibility. Only in this case will students attend your school from afar.
2.       Have a nice structure: if your school is in uncompleted building, then you have placed a limit on the patronage you will get. Most high income earners will never take their children to that kind of school with a shabby structure.
3.       Treat your teachers well: teachers are your front line workers therefore, a school rises or falls depending on your teachers. Some fledgling schools are notorious in delaying teachers salary, even when they are poorly paid too. In this case, the rate of teachers drift is high.
4.       Maintain a good relationship with parents: parents often cherish it when you have a good rapport with them. This way they are free to express concerns or complaints to the proprietor. This feedback is important if your school must grow.
Why is it especially important to apply the points stated above?
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