Thursday, 27 August 2015


Not everyone can teach or impart knowledge. Teaching is an art. To excel, the classroom teacher should possess relevant skills necessary in facilitating learning and influence behaviours of his students. Generally, humans are complex beings, and no two humans behaves exactly the same way. Theories that apply to one many not necessarily apply to the other. This is the challenge the classroom teacher faces everyday. Granted, there are some teachers who know the art of teaching excellently without going through the formal training process of his profession.

I know of a teacher in Brother Pius School who is highly valued because of his art of teaching. He studied Business Administration in the University. He is loved by all including his pupils. Also, he is well paid. There are so many examples of teachers in this category. However, this is not to say that trained  teachers perform poorly in class. Indeed, such training can help to horn their skills for effective performance.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Some teachers are born while others are made. If you hold a contrary opinion, be free to offer your comment.

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