Friday, 28 August 2015


With my more than ten years experience in teaching, I realized that most children that perform poorly often come from a home with permissive parents. In this case, parents give free reign  to their children. Indeed, children need a close supervision if they must excel. Some parents buy many toys for their children to play with after school. Although this is not wrong in itself, it only becomes an issue when it affects other academic activities, such as studying their books and doing their school assignments. If this problem starts when they are young, then they are going to have big challenges. Some have serious reading problem, and also performs poorly in Mathematics.

Additionally, when your kids watch too much television their performance drops in school. If watching television for many hours becomes a habit in the family, such child will have problem paying attention in class.

Some parents do not show interest in their children’s school work. This is bad. As a parent you have to buy out time to check your children’s books when you return from work.
How can busy parents show interest in their children’s education? We value your comments.

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