Tuesday, 1 September 2015


For teachers to give their best , school administrators have to boost their morale. It is a fact that enthusiasm is contagious. An enthusiastic teacher motivates the greatest number of students. The following are ways to boost teachers morale:
1.       Always appreciate your teachers, offer commendations all the time. This way the teacher feels a sense of belonging.
2.       Hold a get- together party in your house, this will strengthen the bonds of unity among the teachers.
3.       Support your teachers when parents complain about them: seek to find out the reason for the complain and lovingly encourage the teacher to improve.
4.       Implement a casual Friday dress code for teachers: do not be too strict, give them some freedom.
5.       Offer continuous feedback, support and guidance for teacher improvement.
6.       Send words of encouragement via text messages to your teachers everyday.
7.       Spread out extra duties evenly. Don’t put too much on a single teacher.
8.       Always be proud of your teachers anytime the opportunity presents itself.
9.       Always give your teachers professional training.
10.   Fulfill the promises you make to them
11.   Provide them with the best resources and teaching tools that are available
12.   Keep class sizes as small as possible.
13.   Embrace innovation and creativity from teachers who think outside the box
14.   Always resolve any conflicts a teacher may have with another teacher.
15.   Reward the best teacher every year.
When all these points are applied in detail, you are bound to succeed in your school.
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