Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Teachers are doing a great job shaping young lives. To do their job effectively, they should not be subjected to the following kind of treatment:
1.       Shouting at the teacher. Teachers do their best to be responsible and project the right image. Hence, they deserve respect from administrators. Shouting at them, for whatever reason, makes them feel bad. They might begin to regret working under you. Worse still, they may start to resent their noble profession. In fact, if a situation like this continues for a time, they look for opportunity to leave the school in search for a better job elsewhere.
2.       Humiliating teachers before parents. This can make the teacher feel unloved and worthless. Also, the parent who witnessed this poor treatment on the teacher will hardly respect the teacher.
3.       Not accepting the teacher’s innovative or creative input. Since teachers are stakeholders, their idea or opinion about the  school should be respected. This way they feel a sense of belonging and feel highly valued.
4.       Scolding your teacher in the presence of  students. Students should have high regards for their teacher. However, doing this becomes difficult if the administrator harshly scolds his teacher before the students. In fact, the teacher will feel humiliated or embarrassed. If scolding is at all necessary, it should be done privately.
5.       Delaying teachers’ salary. This treatment hurts more than the others. Nothing makes them more likely to search for employment elsewhere than paying the teacher in piecemeal or even delaying their salary altogether.
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