Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Over the course of many years, I have observed with disappointment, how children are subjected to long hours of learning in the classroom. This is the norm in most private schools in Nigeria. Therefore, I write to register my displeasure and also offer advice on how to reverse this trend.

Most children arrive home late each day from school. Sometimes, 5:00pm daily. It will amaze you to know that lessons in school start as early as 8:30am. After the normal closing hour, say by 2:00pm, the students are now subjected to extra lessons which take two hours or more. This is not the best way to impart knowledge on young ones. In fact, the children are been over stretched. 

This method is counter productive. The brain gets saturated after some hours, and from this point onward any other assimilation becomes difficult. That is why with even so much learning, the students still perform poorly. The truth is the children need some rest, or even a nap to relax their brain after learning for some hours. In fact, they need time to do personal studies at home. 

On the contrary, they arrive home late everyday tired and exhausted. The only thing they are able to do at this point is eat, bathe, watch some television programmes and go to bed. The next day, the vicious circle is ignited.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Rigorous or marathon learning does not help the child. Call 07031384722 for a consultation.

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