Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Teachers all over the world are doing a wonderful job. They are future builders. Virtually all professionals in the world were, in some way, shaped by teachers. Indeed, we all owe teachers a depth of gratitude. Therefore, celebrating teachers once a year is not enough. It should go beyond this level. In fact, during teachers’ day it is common to make many promises to teachers. But after the frenzy, the government fall back to their old ways, instead of working actively to better the life of teachers.

1.       Accommodation: most teachers do not have a house of their own. Even after retirement some are still not able to have their own shelter. Government, as a matter of urgency, should do something about it.
2.       Their salary is poor: I feel very sad to talk about this. Why should teachers be paid poorly? Is there service less important than that of doctors, lawyers, engineers? Government should wake up and act fast.
3.       Their learning environment is poor: in most private and public schools teachers are made to work in less than conducive environment. This situation affects the overall morale of the teacher and thus affect his performance in the classroom.
4.       Most private schools  treat teachers badly: some are subjected to a slavery-like situation. They work tirelessly everyday only to be given a token as salary. The government should close down schools that cannot measure up to good salary structure for their teachers. 

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