Saturday, 31 October 2015


IN Nigerian society it is a common practice for parents to flog their children whenever and wherever they do wrong. In effect, the cane has become a tool to discourage bad behavior. Even the Bible, somehow, supports this mode of discipline when it says ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’. But when it comes to education flogging should be seen in a different light. Some teachers go beyond using the cane to adjust behavior to using it when a student fails a Math problem or is slow to grasp a certain lesson.

In this instance, flogging the student does no good than to instill fear on him or her. I don’t see how it will open up the students brain for quick assimilation. If the student is grappling with a Math problem, the use of threat of flogging will only make the student uncomfortable and prone to make more mistakes. Here, the teacher should employ tact and patience. Go the extra-mile to explain repeatedly the lesson until the student grasps the point.

Many years ago when I was in Junior Secondary School 1(JSS 1) in Ogbonmwan Group of schools, Benin City, the principal wanted us to memorise the times table. He was good at flogging and disciplining students who fail to carry out his assignment perfectly. This instilled fear in most of us and so had to learn it by all means. In so doing, I memorized it and was able to recite it when it was due. In this regard, the threat of cane motivated me and others to action. This situation is quite different from the scenario earlier described.

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