Monday, 30 November 2015


Teaching a student to read is one of those difficult tasks a teacher will have to deal with. With over 10 years experience in teaching I have come to realize methods that work best and promotes rapid learning. They are:

1.      I review previous material: Before we start the lesson for the day, it is my custom to review the previous materials or lessons. This enables the student to recall and consolidate on the lesson before proceeding.
2.      I underline difficult words: As we move along in the reading, the student is made to underline difficult words. The purpose for this is to make such words stand out from the paragraph.
3.      I often refer back to the underlined words. After reading through the entire passage, the student is made to go back to the underlined words and attempt is made to pronounce them once more. This ensures that he doesn’t forget the rules guiding the pronunciation of such words. Here, we slow down completely for a complete mastery.
4.      Dictation on the difficult words: This is often the last phase in the entire process. I take the student through a spelling drill. This tests his ability to reproduce the words correctly.

So far, this method has proven to be effective for me. Slow learners in particular respond quickly to this system. You too can apply it and see if it helps. In case you have a better strategy, feel free to share it with us.

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