Friday, 5 January 2018


It’s been an interesting holiday- a wonderful time for both parents and students to unwind. The year 2017 just rolled away quickly. However, it is time to examine the academic landscape of your children. How was their performance in the previous year? Absolutely good or below expectation? As a teacher for over 10 years I have discovered the areas students have recurring challenges and how parents can  help.

THE CHALLENGE: Reading problem: Many students continue to grapple with this challenge over a long period of time. Some have given up hope in this regard since it appears too complex to master  the art of reading.

WHAT PARENTS CAN DO: Take active interest in your  child. The  child  faces a real challenge. Schedule  time, perhaps brief  period  each day, to teach your child how to read.  It is your responsibility even as you provide other needs for your family. Use simple reading material that will  expose the child to the fundamentals  of reading.

THE CHALLENGE: Math problem. This is a most nagging problem, that failure to address this issue from the start, could  become a major enormous problem. Children that lack the basics of mathematics could end up having hatred or apathy for this all-important subject. Children do not easily get over this challenge, in fact, in some cases it gets worse and poor  analytical skill becomes very obvious.

WHAT PARENTS CAN DO: Do not sweep this matter under the carpet. If you fail to address this issue right now, sooner or later  you will come around to face the most complex part of it. The child may hit a dead end in his academic journey and might drop out along the way. Hence, do all you can to solve this  problem. Check your child’s book whenever  he gets back from school to know his level of performance. If you can’t figure out  how  to assist your child with math problem, then you have to employ the services of a lesson teacher. However, for your child’s overall improvement you should also be involved. Create a realistic study schedule for your child and make sure you follow through. Reduce his play time including television viewing. Remember, if you  fail to monitor your child properly, the lesson teacher might not be  able to turn the situation around.

If you want to see rapid progress in your child’s performance, adopt a reward- based system or carrot and stick approach. Set measurable targets for  your child. Make it  clear the reward attached to such  achievement. Do not  fail to deliver on your promise. Also, punishment for non-compliance should be stated. In the long run, the child will develop healthy habit of study.
Additionally,  know your child’s teacher. Encourage the  teacher to take personal interest in your child. On the other hand, the teacher would  appreciate some tips from you as a reward.

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