Saturday, 18 September 2021


The Book “How Teachers Can Make Money in the Next 60 Days,” is a complete financial education manual for teachers. It was written by a teacher with over a decade teaching experience. The book has two sections. Section one provides practical answers (with case studies) to the following questions:

How can teachers really make money aside teaching? How can a teacher succeed in real estate business? What are some of the businesses teachers can do to make money? Where can we get examples of teachers who have succeeded in real estate business? How can a teacher set up and run a school successfully? How can a teacher become rich like Jack Ma? How can a teacher set up a coaching or tutorial center for students and succeed? How can a teacher make money from his passion?

Section two focuses on why some teachers retire poor. Other areas include: how a teacher’s attitude can affect his performance and prosperity, when teachers believe they cannot earn a living from teaching, what happens if a teacher fails to develop himself, how people’s attitude contribute to teachers poor situation, how meager salary affects teachers, habits that teachers should avoid, how teachers can prepare for retirement and what teachers can do to retire rich.