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The Book “How Teachers Can Make Money in the Next 60 Days,” is a complete financial education manual for teachers. It was written by a teacher with over a decade teaching experience. The book has two sections. Section one provides practical answers (with case studies) to the following questions:

How can teachers really make money aside teaching? How can a teacher succeed in real estate business? What are some of the businesses teachers can do to make money? Where can we get examples of teachers who have succeeded in real estate business? How can a teacher set up and run a school successfully? How can a teacher become rich like Jack Ma? How can a teacher set up a coaching or tutorial center for students and succeed? How can a teacher make money from his passion?

Section two focuses on why some teachers retire poor. Other areas include: how a teacher’s attitude can affect his performance and prosperity, when teachers believe they cannot earn a living from teaching, what happens if a teacher fails to develop himself, how people’s attitude contribute to teachers poor situation, how meager salary affects teachers, habits that teachers should avoid, how teachers can prepare for retirement and what teachers can do to retire rich.

With this book, we are pioneering the next generation of wealthy teachers.

Teachers should be valued. They deserve the best. They work hard in teaching effectively. Hence, teachers should experience a high level of satisfaction from their teaching job. But is this the case? Not at all. Government and private schools hardly give teachers salaries commensurate to their labour in class. How should people view teachers – life guards or prison guards? The knowledge teachers impart liberate us from illiteracy and crude behaviours. They guide us to the fountain of success. Sadly, when most of us get to this destination, we tend to chase teachers back to the background. In this regard, teachers become prison guards to themselves while they are life guards to others. This may sound funny but it is the painful truth perpetuated over many centuries.

This is a wakeup call to everyone. Time to drop this nonchalant attitude towards teachers. It’s time to start honoring teachers. Teaching is a noble profession. Let it not appear that teachers made a mistake getting into this profession. Many parents want the best teachers for their children, yet no parent would proudly recommend his children to become a teacher. Hmm, you see what I mean?

The government want to employ excellent teachers, but no government official would proudly create employment space for his children in the teaching sector or industry. School administrators and proprietors would be excited to have  competent teachers in his school but would never think of training or empowering his children to become a teacher someday. Now you know it is a serious issue, right? Hold on! Why is it that there is a bandwagon effect in this situation? I mean, the collective negative mindset of people.

It’s time to overhaul this thought pattern. Let’s change this negative trend in education. Let’s welcome a new trend – the new phase of education. Let’s use our digital skills to solve contemporary challenges in education. It is possible. No amount of government policy in education would radically change lingering problems in education. No amount of increased pay check for teachers would automatically change the way teachers feel about themselves and their profession. Teachers should be convinced that they can earn a decent living from teaching.

All the same, good Jobs for teachers are very important. It would gradually change the way teachers view themselves and not depend solely on a meager monthly salary that cannot put food on the table. This has been the number one reason why most teachers retire poor. Even teachers’ children perpetuate the tradition. That is sadly the case, because most teachers transfer their mindset and orientation to their children, who then also replicate the thought pattern and transfer it to the next generation.

Thankfully, the book points out alternative employments for teachers online. This is a good income streams for teachers.  Their earnings increase and teachers are happy with additional payment or salary.

I analyzed the top jobs for teachers online. This confirms the fact that teachers can earn multiple income streams with ease.

Teachers’ employment is not limited to the classroom, know this please. Yes, teachers can work from home. I mean they could actually work gainfully right in or from their bedroom. They can do this on a part time or full time basis. The point is they can earn a full income from a part time job online.

 I know what is running through your mind right now. You are asking:” what are the work- from home jobs for teachers?” The best work from home job is teaching online. Teachers can learn how to teach online and make more money. Cool money. You can say that again! No need to handle chalk and duster every day before putting balance diet on the table(although balance diet may be elusive for many).

Teacher please don’t allow the chalk and duster syndrome to consume you thinking that you have passion for teaching, whereas the situation could be described as an obsession to the status quo.

To call a spade a spade, online jobs for teachers could serve as an additional source of income. What are other sources of income for teachers? I remember someone asking me this question after I have tried in vain to explain that teachers should not depend on their meager salary.

 Well, if you as a teacher, explain the processes of carrying out a research online to your students, how come most teachers have little knowledge about what is happening online? A qualified or experienced teacher should search for websites online that contain the best sources of income for teachers apart from teaching. Oh yes,  you heard me right. But would they do this? No. Some inefficient teachers prefer to stay glued to the chalk and duster syndrome. I keep emphasizing this in multiple ways just to knock you out of your seat or perhaps push that teacher out of a state of inertia, gather the necessary momentum and visit

Know it is the best website that contains all the online jobs teachers could engage in part time or full time. All the online training courses for teachers are found there. How do you package your knowledge as a product and sell to people online and offline. The ultimate secret of selling your knowledge online is explained there. In other words, turning your passion to profits is our priority. We have provided actionable steps to achieve success in the online market place.

In other words, there are alternative careers for teachers. This was what we explained in our best seminar/programme for teachers. Also, there are best jobs for ex teachers or retired teachers. This will keep them busy. Instead of staying idle and indolent, they do something really meaningful and don’t fall into depression(depression affects most teachers, some teachers even have bipolar affective disorder) But how can a teacher with depression or bipolar affective disorder function well in class without exhibiting terrible behaviours towards students?  The problem is compounded when a student with depression and bipolar affective disorder is in a teacher’s class. Certainly, this is story for another day.

Most of the solution to teachers’ problems point to part-time jobs for teachers. If they are lucky,  they can get the highest -paying alternative jobs or careers in This was a deliberate statement because most teachers would still not be motivated to act. They want the government to boldly proclaim that is the best resource for teachers searching for jobs online. Reputable teachers should not keep quiet. They know what is good and how to get it in

In Nigeria, the challenges teachers face are even worse. But don’t panic. There are a lot of alternative jobs for teachers too in this location. Put simply, there are a lot of alternatives to classroom teaching. But how can the government provide alternative jobs for teachers during this pandemic? They should provide the answers because teachers are tired of facing problems or challenges associated with education.

School teachers should be enrolled in training programs or capacity development  for teachers. This will generate or inspire different job ideas for a part-time teaching career or just full-time teaching with opportunities to earn big salary.

Highly sought after teaching positions are online English teacher and online mathematics teachers. These are the majors for online teaching jobs. Well, it doesn’t mean that teachers in other fields cannot get an online teaching job. Consider art teachers. Art teachers could artfully package their skill and sell it online. Students would certainly be interested in learning arts online. In fact, getting students across the globe to fall in love with your online course is an art in itself. You need a lot of training to know the best ways to sell your knowledge online and the best resources online to do this.

Teaching engagements for teachers online is possible. So teachers, stop getting stuck in the classroom. Teachers can live a better live. But how can teachers  live a better life with poor salary structure? You are asking this question because you have not taken out time to study all the explanations I have provided so far. The title alone speaks volumes: “How teachers can get online teaching jobs”. Tactfully, I also explained where teachers can get online teaching jobs so that obsessive dependence on teaching would no longer be a problem.


Emphatic yes! ESL jobs available for teachers. What a good news!


If you have a teaching degree, what teaching options are available? Just review the information above and know:

- how teachers can secure alternative jobs
- the best alternative careers for teachers including former teachers
- how a teacher can get the needed training to be effective in class
- how a teacher can cope with the challenges when school resumes
-What the top paying online jobs for teachers outside of education are.

Teachers: Stop complaining about your teaching jobs. Reason: there are so many avenues of wealth for teachers especially online opportunities for teachers to make cool money without handling chalk and duster or perhaps with chalk and duster in one hand and on the other hand online part time or full time jobs.

Congratulations! Teachers can now be happy with their lives. Pay their bills including rent and even afford to send their children to expensive schools. Remember, the choice is yours. As a teacher, you have to be strongly motivated, gather the required momentum and begin taking all the steps mentioned in this article about how teachers can make money online. Begin now where you are with your current knowledge and explore alternative jobs for teachers in

I rest my case.

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  1. I agree with this post because I am a teacher. I also developed creative skills, I learnt video editing and I earn from those two avenues.

    1. Thanks Mr Johnson for sharing your experience. I hope other teachers would learn from this