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We are dedicated and hardworking teachers determined to initiate a paradigm shift. We are the brain behind Wealthy Teachers. Teaching is fun and undeniably satisfying when students make real progress.

But this  may not be the case for some teachers. Over the course of our career, we have observed, with keen interest, the plight of teachers. Without a doubt, teachers are the same everywhere. The challenges they face are basically the same except for a few variation. 
They deal with human development. Interestingly, humans have common issues pertaining to learning and challenges associated with it. Our  heart went out to them and felt the need to offer real help. Besides, most teachers do not get a commensurate financial compensation for their labour. For this reason, their well of enthusiasm dries up and passion fizzles out.

Moreover, some teachers do not really enjoy teaching, to them it’s just a means to an end, an accidental or circumstantial job while waiting to get a better offer.  Worse still, some teachers who put in excruciating 35 years of their productive life in service ended up retiring poor. 
This situation puts them in serious financial quagmire- no shelter and not able to send their children to higher institutions. In this advancing age, the good life seemed to elude them. Hence, their life goes on a downward spiral, thus leading to depression for some and early death. How sad! 
 The society pays lip  service to this nagging trend and assumes a mocking disposition in a time worn cliché “teachers  reward is in heaven”.Teachers deserve a better treatment. They drain out their soul enriching others.

 In view of the foregoing, we decided to reverse the trend by embarking on a life-changing project for teachers by writing a book entitled: 22 Secrets of Wealthy Teachers, Vol. 1”. This work dedicated to teachers addresses the concerns raised above. And there is more. It x-rays freelance jobs for  teachers with real life scenarios, experiences and interviews of successful teachers. Also, it takes a critical look at retirement plans for teachers. This is the first in a series. Volume 2 will  follow quickly.

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