Tuesday, 1 September 2015


The job of teaching is not an easy one, but there are many things that others can do to make their jobs easier. In fact, teachers want a lot of things from their students. They are:
1.       Teachers want students to be willing to learn as they come to class each day. They should be prepared, focused and motivated.
2.       Teachers want students to be respectful. Students should respect their authority, they should respect each other as well. With such atmosphere, teaching and learning becomes easier.
3.       Teachers want students to understand concepts by making real life connections.
4.       Teachers want students to develop critical thinking ability. They should know the process that leads to the answer as well as the answer itself.
5.       Teachers want students to know their strengths and weaknesses so that improvement is made where necessary.
What teachers want from parents
6.       Teachers want parents to understand that they are there to assist their children in the best possible way
7.       Teachers want feedback from parents. In fact, they want an open, trusting relationship with parents so they can figure out the best approach for teaching the student.
8.       Teachers want parents to be actively in their children’s education by ensuring that their children do their homework.
9.       Teachers want parents to stress the importance of education to their children at all times. This way it will be easy for children to learn and appreciate school work.


Teachers function effectively in a nice environment. To create such environment, administrators must pay attention to the following points:
1.       Teachers want administrators to support them in the area of student discipline, disagreements with parents or confrontation with another teacher.
2.       Teachers want administrators to provide adequate resources that will make teaching a lot easier.
3.       Teachers want encouragement and advice from administrators.
4.       Administrators should show interest in teachers performance in the classroom and offer valuable feedback in terms of the quality of teaching.
5.       Teachers want school administrators to clearly explain school policy and procedures that affect them. Also administrators should clarify issues related to classroom management, student learning and communication.
What teachers want from their fellow colleagues
6.       Teachers want other teachers to respect them by not engaging in gossip with their students or parents.
7.       Teachers want other teachers to be cooperative. A peaceful atmosphere should exist among the teachers.
8.       Other teachers should be supportive. They want to know that their peers believe they are an effective teacher who does a great job in preparing their students
9.       There should be unity among the teachers. Remember, a house that is divided against itself will not stand. Such unity promotes easy learning by students
10.   Teachers want other teachers to respect differences. Other teachers should know that there are different teaching strategies, hence the most effective one should be copied and applied in the classroom
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For teachers to give their best , school administrators have to boost their morale. It is a fact that enthusiasm is contagious. An enthusiastic teacher motivates the greatest number of students. The following are ways to boost teachers morale:
1.       Always appreciate your teachers, offer commendations all the time. This way the teacher feels a sense of belonging.
2.       Hold a get- together party in your house, this will strengthen the bonds of unity among the teachers.
3.       Support your teachers when parents complain about them: seek to find out the reason for the complain and lovingly encourage the teacher to improve.
4.       Implement a casual Friday dress code for teachers: do not be too strict, give them some freedom.
5.       Offer continuous feedback, support and guidance for teacher improvement.
6.       Send words of encouragement via text messages to your teachers everyday.
7.       Spread out extra duties evenly. Don’t put too much on a single teacher.
8.       Always be proud of your teachers anytime the opportunity presents itself.
9.       Always give your teachers professional training.
10.   Fulfill the promises you make to them
11.   Provide them with the best resources and teaching tools that are available
12.   Keep class sizes as small as possible.
13.   Embrace innovation and creativity from teachers who think outside the box
14.   Always resolve any conflicts a teacher may have with another teacher.
15.   Reward the best teacher every year.
When all these points are applied in detail, you are bound to succeed in your school.
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Friday, 28 August 2015


With my more than ten years experience in teaching, I realized that most children that perform poorly often come from a home with permissive parents. In this case, parents give free reign  to their children. Indeed, children need a close supervision if they must excel. Some parents buy many toys for their children to play with after school. Although this is not wrong in itself, it only becomes an issue when it affects other academic activities, such as studying their books and doing their school assignments. If this problem starts when they are young, then they are going to have big challenges. Some have serious reading problem, and also performs poorly in Mathematics.

Additionally, when your kids watch too much television their performance drops in school. If watching television for many hours becomes a habit in the family, such child will have problem paying attention in class.

Some parents do not show interest in their children’s school work. This is bad. As a parent you have to buy out time to check your children’s books when you return from work.
How can busy parents show interest in their children’s education? We value your comments.


Teaching effectively is not an easy task. Motivating and leading students at the same time requires some skills.
1.       Your focus is on them and not you: the best instructors see themselves as guides. They share what they know, but understand that they are not the focus. Their students are.
2.       Know your students well: Apart from knowing your material, you need to know the people you are teaching- their talents, prior experience and needs. This way you can better impart knowledge.
3.       Students take risks when teachers create a safe environment: the job of the teacher is to make the students as comfortable as possible. In fact, students need to know that they can trust the instructor. A very important rule is: No sarcasm in the classroom. It creates the fear that you are going to make them  look bad.
4.       Great teachers exude passion: when you so love your job and you enjoy it thoroughly, you are better able to influence your students. Passion is contagious, it motivates you to give the best.
5.       Make it easy for your students: one of the chief attributes of a great teacher is the ability to break down complex ideas and make them understandable.
6.       Teach from the heart: let ideas flow out from you naturally. Be yourself. By so doing, you connect with your students easily. They see you not only as a teacher but also a good friend willing to help.
7.       Repeat the important points: repetition is the mother of retention. In fact, the first time you say something, its heard, the second time, it’s recognized, and the third time it’s learned.
8.       Good teachers ask good questions: when you ask effective questions, you reach the heart of your students. You know whether they are paying attention or not. Also, effective questions help you determine how well they understand the material.